The WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page Believes Is “Strong As Hell”

The WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page Believes Is

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page shed light on a common practice in professional wrestling: exaggerating height and weight to create larger-than-life personas.

In an interview with “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” Diamond Dallas Page candidly discussed how wrestlers often inflate their statistics, including his own experiences with this trend.

You always overexaggerate your numbers in wrestling.

DDP explained.

I take someone who’s 6 foot 2, 270 pounds when really he’s 6 foot and 242. 6’5 is the fantasy height, 6’4 is the legit height, but I always gave my weight properly like ‘this is what I’m really weighing.’

Reflecting on his childhood perceptions, he added:

I’d watch wrestling as a kid and I’d go, ‘Man, that guy’s huge!’ And then you’d get near him and he was not huge.

This tendency to embellish physical attributes has long been part of wrestling’s showmanship, helping wrestlers appear more formidable to audiences. DDP’s comments offer an insider’s perspective on the ways wrestlers craft their in-ring personas. DDP also spoke about WWE Superstar Big E, noting that despite his shorter stature compared to some, he genuinely embodies the image of a big, powerful man.

It’s kind of like Big E.

DDP said.

He’s not that tall, but he’s big. He’s wide and strong as hell. Everybody exaggerates to some degree.

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