The WWE Hall Of Famer’s Finisher AJ Styles Admitted He Would Never Take

The WWE Hall Of Famer's Finisher AJ Styles Admitted He Would Never Take

AJ Styles revealed his staunch refusal to endure a particular move made famous by WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.

The manoeuvre in question, known as the “Stink Face,” involves Rikishi planting his posterior on the face of his opponent. Styles made his aversion to the “Stink Face” abundantly clear in an interview with “SHAK Wrestling,”

I will never take it, I would find a way to get out of it, I don’t think that I would ever, but I would hope that I never have to take that. I don’t mind taking the running butt in the corner by one of the Samoans but I don’t know about the Stink Face.

Rikishi has previously acknowledged that many wrestlers were not thrilled about taking the “Stink Face.” Despite this, WWE legends such as Booker T, The Rock, and Kurt Angle have all taken it in stride.

It was also disclosed to Styles during the interview that Rikishi’s choice of attire for the “Stink Face” varied based on his mood, with his opponents never knowing if the shorts were freshly washed or hadn’t seen a laundry cycle in weeks. Styles was not surprised by Rikishi’s unconventional methods.

Following his recent defeat to Cody Rhodes at Backlash in Lyon, France, Styles’ quest for the Undisputed WWE Championship seems uncertain. Undeterred, he has chosen a new path by entering the King of the Ring tournament, which began on the first “WWE Raw” following Backlash.

What Has AJ Styles Said About His Possible Retirement From WWE?

AJ Styles said in an interview that he is “getting close to the end” of his WWE career and that he wants to have a special story and match to end his wrestling career with. Styles went on to say that he is actively planning his retirement and wants to do so before he can no longer perform to the standard at which he does currently.

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