The Wrestling Veteran Who Preferred Sting’s Original Look

The Wrestling Veteran Who Preferred Sting's Original Look

Sting, the renowned wrestler, gained fame for his vibrant and colourful persona during his time in WCW in the early 90s.

Known for his bright blond hair, vibrant face paint, exuberant ring attire, and energetic presence, Sting became an iconic figure in the wrestling world. However, during the nWo takeover of 1996, a new iteration of the Stinger emerged. In a storyline where fellow babyfaces suspected him of betrayal, he transformed into a darker, enigmatic character reminiscent of Brandon Lee’s portrayal in the 1994 movie adaption of ‘The Crow’.

This transformation featured black and white face paint, a long trench coat, and a brooding, silent demeanour, signifying a departure from his previous flamboyant image and aligning him as a mysterious and vengeful figure seeking retribution against villainous forces in wrestling. This evolution proved pivotal in reshaping his career, solidifying his status as an enduring and iconic figure in professional wrestling, despite facing some apparent criticism, as indicated by wrestling veteran Robert Fuller on an episode of KC Guest Booker clipped by Wrestling Shoot Clips, where he expressed his disapproval of the change in Sting’s gimmick.

“If I’d have been in the office, I would have walked with a pot roast a lot faster if they’d have wanted to put Sting in a black outfit! And things comin’ down his face and the baseball bat! I’d have said, “hey, guys. Y’know, I don’t think I can get anything going with this thought!”.”

Sting’s initial appearance during the emergence of WCW was characterised by vibrant and flamboyant elements, standing in stark visual contrast when he faced off against the villainous nWo.

“This guy was the franchise. He was WCW. And he was over with the kids. When they put him the black outfit and all that, what did the kids do?! And I don’t want my kids out there watching TV… It’s the thing that’s made him the whole time, the kids love him and he was like Hogan back in the heyday. Sting was their Hogan and I wouldn’t have changed that.”

Robert Fuller embarked on his wrestling journey in 1970 in the Alabama and Tennessee regions, achieving numerous tag team titles while teaming with his cousin Jimmy Golden. Following his in-ring career, Fuller transitioned into managerial roles, notably portraying Col. Robert Parker in WCW and later assuming a nearly identical character as Tennessee Lee in the WWE, where he managed Jeff Jarrett. Having experienced the late 90’s transformation of Sting and the wrestling industry first-hand, Fuller emphasized that he did not favour the changes that took place during that period.

“I didn’t like that thing with Sting. I would have done it all different.”

Sting Remembered As One Of Wrestling’s True Great Icons

Sting was loved around the world as one of the all-time greats of professional wrestling. Collective Thoughts takes us back to what it was like to be a fan the first time we witnessed the legendary star. Even before his days in AEW or WWE, he was known to many as a true icon of the sport.

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