The Wrestling Legend Jake Roberts Says That He Didn’t Like

The Wrestling Legend Jake Roberts Says That He Didn't Like

Jake Roberts didn’t mince words as he delved into his opinions about legendary promoter Ole Anderson, expressing a strong dislike for the seasoned figure and critiquing his booking prowess.

In an instalment of his podcast, The Snake Pit, Jake Roberts aimed Anderson’s booking acumen, asserting that while Anderson knew how to effectively book himself, he faltered when it came to crafting engaging storylines for other wrestlers. In no uncertain terms, Roberts stated:

Ole knew how to book himself, and that’s what he did well. But he didn’t know how to book everybody else. He didn’t have a clue, you know?

Expanding on his critique, Roberts dissected Anderson’s match style, highlighting its shallow nature and heavy reliance on run-ins. According to Roberts, the anticipation of outside interference often overshadowed the in-ring action, leading to diminished interest from the audience. Beyond the squared circle, Roberts painted a picture of Anderson using his position of authority to manipulate and control wrestlers by issuing threats of unfavourable career prospects. Roberts recounted a warning he received from Anderson, recalling the promoter’s words:

Be careful what you say, kid, or you’ll be in f***ing Charleston the rest of your life.

Despite the vehement dislike expressed toward Anderson, Roberts downplayed the significance of the animosity, concluding with a dismissive tone:

I didn’t like him, but big deal.

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