The Wrestler Who Drew Andre The Giant’s Intense Dislike

The Wrestler Who Drew Andre The Giant's Intense Dislike

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase revealed Andre the Giant’s aversion to certain peers, with a particular focus on his intense dislike for fellow wrestler John Studd.

The revelation came to light during an episode of Everybody’s Got A Pod, where Ted DiBiase, renowned as the Million Dollar Man, openly shared Andre’s sentiments towards John Studd. DiBiase’s candid remarks painted a clear picture of the disdain Andre held for Studd, stating:

Again, obviously here’s a guy who is not that good, and is big. When you’re Andre The Giant, there’s only one giant, and it ain’t you, John Studd.

John Studd, a formidable wrestler in his own right, stood out as one of the rare competitors of that era who could come close to matching Andre’s towering height. Despite Studd’s achievements in the ring, DiBiase conveyed his belief that Studd did not ascend to the same level of prowess as Andre, particularly underscoring the latter’s exceptional agility and skill despite his colossal size. DiBiase emphasised:

To me, nobody topped Andre. Andre mastered the skill of being able to get in the ring with somebody that’s half his size and find a way to make the people believe that he just might lose, that’s hard to do, but Andre could do it.

Was Andre The Giant Really Afraid Of Snakes?

Jake Roberts revealed that Andre the Giant wasn’t really afraid of snakes. Roberts stated that Andre wasn’t afraid of anything and that he did a phenomenal job of making people believe he was genuinely terrified of the reptiles.

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