The Wrestler Ted DiBiase Believes Shouldn’t Have Won The Royal Rumble

The Wrestler Ted DiBiase Believes Shouldn't Have Won The Royal Rumble

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase recently delved into the early ’90s WWE tenure of his former colleague, Lex Luger, offering a critical assessment of Luger’s in-ring abilities and sharing insights on the 1994 men’s Royal Rumble match, where Luger and Bret Hart were declared co-winners.

Speaking on his Everybody’s Got a Pod podcast, DiBiase analysed the Royal Rumble match, advocating for Bret Hart as the sole victor. DiBiase, while expressing his deep respect for Luger, remarked:

I love Lex to death, but at that time, Lex was still pretty green, in my opinion. He didn’t have a lot of years behind him in terms of wrestling.

Acknowledging Luger’s physical prowess, DiBiase emphasised the collaborative effort required to enhance Luger’s in-ring portrayal. Despite his impressive physique, Luger’s relative inexperience necessitated the support of seasoned wrestlers to elevate his performances during that period.

Reflecting on Luger’s transition from WCW to WWE in 1993, DiBiase highlighted Luger’s rapid ascent to the top and his world title opportunity at WrestleMania X. Luger fell short of claiming the championship, while Hart emerged victorious over Yokozuna in the main event.

Why Did Ted DiBiase Retire From In-Ring Competition?

Ted DiBiase stated that he planned to retire from in-ring wrestling when he turned 40. He said that he would still be involved with the show but didn’t want to get physical and that now he is in his 70’s he is glad he did retire earlier than his other colleagues.

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