The Worst WWE Celebrity Involvement According To Former Writer

The Worst WWE Celebrity Involvement According To Former Writer

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. opened up about the role of celebrities in the WWE, shedding light on both successful and lacklustre instances of their involvement.

Prinze Jr., known for his own celebrity status, gained acclaim within the wrestling community for his genuine passion for the sport. His tenure as a writer for WWE was marked by contributions that resonated with fans. However, he noted that not all celebrity appearances in the company had the same positive impact.

During the period spanning from June 2009 to June 2010, WWE’s flagship show, Raw, frequently featured outside celebrity guests. Reflecting on this era, Prinze Jr. recalled, on an episode of Wrestling with Freddie, instances where such appearances failed to hit the mark. Notably, he pointed out Meat Loaf’s infamous struggle to take the RKO.

We had Meat Loaf take an RKO. Meat Loaf couldn’t bend his f***ing knees. He couldn’t bend his knees when he took it, it was the worst receiving of the RKO in the history of the RKO.

Despite these missteps, Prinze Jr. highlighted the Kevin Federline/John Cena storyline as a rare success. He attributed its effectiveness to the intense dislike fans harboured for Federline, then the boyfriend of pop star Britney Spears.

One that kind of worked, only because everyone hated him so much, was the Kevin Federline/John Cena storyline because everybody hated Britney Spears’s boyfriend so much, that they wanted to see John Cena whip his a**.

However, Prinze Jr. didn’t shy away from critiquing certain celebrity involvements, such as Jon Stewart’s appearance at SummerSlam 2015. He criticised the decision, arguing that it contradicted Stewart’s established persona and lacked coherence within the storyline. According to Prinze Jr., Stewart’s interference, motivated by a newfound admiration for wrestling legend Ric Flair, seemed out of character and failed to resonate with audiences.

That one was one of the worst usages of a celebrity ever, for [Stewart] to go in there and F over John Cena because he really likes Ric Flair? Like, it was so out of character for the Jon Stewart personality.

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Freddie Prinze Jr. slammed WWE’s NXT brand as “absolute garbage.” Prinze Jr. said that he did enjoy watching the show before it was rebranded in 2021 but since then he likened it to a local theatre production.

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