The Unexpected Way Vince McMahon Handled Former WWE Superstar’s Resignation

The Unexpected Way Vince McMahon Handled Former WWE Superstar's Resignation

Jim Ross shared insights into Vince McMahon’s unexpected response to the departure of former WWE Superstar Nathan Jones.

Contrary to Vince McMahon’s notorious temper, in a revelation on his podcast, Grilling JR, Ross disclosed that the WWE Chairman didn’t react explosively upon learning about Jones’ decision to leave the company. Despite being an emerging talent with high expectations, Jones chose to part ways with WWE due to his discontent with the demanding travel schedule. Ross conveyed McMahon’s disappointment, emphasising the company’s anticipation of a prosperous future for Jones.

I don’t think he blew a gasket. I think he was disappointed that it didn’t work out. Because we had high expectations and high hopes for Nathan. It just was not meant to be.

Ross revealed on his podcast.

Ross acknowledged the inherent challenges in the wrestling business, noting that despite managerial efforts, certain circumstances may not unfold as intended. He underscored the significance of an individual’s basic personality, stating that if someone doesn’t relish constant travel, the wrestling industry might not align with their preferences.

And sometimes, no matter how good a manager you want to be or you try to be, sometimes there’s just nothing that you can do about it. You can’t change a guy’s basic personality. If you don’t like to travel, and you don’t want to be on the road, this is not the business for you.

Reflecting on Jones’ departure, Ross contemplated the untapped potential that could have been realised under different circumstances. Speculating on the greatness Jones might have achieved, Ross lamented that such possibilities would forever remain unknown.

So, I think that’s kind of where we left it, you know. Just, it was not meant to be. But again, I often wondered how great Nathan could have been if things had been different. But we’ll never know.

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