WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls The Undertaker Teaching Valuable Lesson

The Undertaker WWE Hall of Fame

A WWE Hall of Famer says The Undertaker was very helpful after a mistake was committed during a segment.

As the locker room leader in WWE for most of his 30-year career, The Undertaker is regarded by many people to be one of the most respected wrestlers of all-time.

During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, the co-host WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (aka Bubba Ray Dudley of The Dudley Boyz) shared stories about The Undertaker’s leadership in the locker room.

While on the show, Bully Ray spoke about a time when he hit The Undertaker in the head with an errant chair shot and it busted Taker’s head open.

“I thought I was done. When I got back to the locker room, I was ready to fight The Undertaker — ready to fight him. ‘Listen, I’m gonna get my ass handed to me but if I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die with my boots on.'”

That’s when Ray went to Taker in the locker room to apologize for what happened.

“[Undertaker] said, ‘Bubba, sit down.’ He said, ‘Bubba, in this industry, you don’t want to get a reputation of being reckless or that you can hurt people. What you did tonight was dangerous. You have to make sure you never do what you did tonight again. People won’t want to work with you and if people don’t want to work with you, you can’t make money. And if you can’t make money, you’re no good to the business.'”

The Undertaker’s Wisdom Was Passed On

This led to Bully Ray telling another story about how Matt Cardona broke his nose during a dark match and rather than get mad at him, Bully imparted wisdom to the younger wrestler just like The Undertaker had done to Ray in the past.

“When Matt Cardona broke my nose in a dark match, I laughed it off, and he was terrified. He was terrified I was gonna kick his ass. He was terrified I was gonna tell Vince. I laughed it off.”

“I said, ‘Matt, you just gotta be more careful. That’s all. S*** happens.’ I’ll never forget the lessons that I learned from The Undertaker and how I tried to pass them along.”

Recently, The Undertaker also spoke about how he wasn’t a fan of the Ministry of Darkness group that he led during the Attitude Era.

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