The Undertaker Names WWE Moment “One Of The Greatest In-Ring Promos Ever”

The Undertaker cutting a promo in WWE

The Undertaker thinks one WWE promo was one of the best ever.

In recent months, AJ Styles has dropped repeated hints that his career will soon be over. While not publicly revealing when he plans to retire, the former World Champion hasn’t hidden the fact he feels like his time in the ring will be done sooner rather than later.

On the May 31st episode of SmackDown, Styles played into this very real situation by teasing his retirement. However, his speech turned out to be nothing but a ruse to get at Cody Rhodes, who he hit with a Styles Clash from the ring steps to the floor.

The angle was a homage to Mark Henry’s famous ‘fake retirement’ back in 2013 when he ended up attacking John Cena.

During a recent episode of his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker looked back on Henry’s retirement, describing it as one of the great in-ring promos in history.

“It was one of the greatest in-ring promos ever. It was real but it was a swerve.”

Mark Henry has since revealed that AJ Styles texted him following SmackDown, saying he hoped he’d made him proud.

Huge Title Match Added To WWE Clash At The Castle

Unsurprisingly, Cody Rhodes was fired up by the time SmackDown went on the air on June 7th, and during the show, he called Styles out. However, before the American Nightmare could get his hands on his rival security intervened.

Styles said he wanted another shot at the Undisputed WWE Championship, and Rhodes was more than happy to oblige, but only if the bout was an “I Quit” match.

Nick Aldis quickly made the match official, and Cody Rhodes will meet AJ Styles in an “I Quit” match at Clash at the Castle.