The Undertaker Was The Victim Of Hilarious Paul Bearer Prank

Paul Bearer accompanies The Undertaker to the ring

According to The Undertaker, Paul Bearer was an “evil, evil man.”

The Undertaker was linked to Paul Bearer throughout his legendary career. While best known as The Deadman’s manager, Bearer also turned on him on more than one occasion. For The Phenom, though, one real-life betrayal went several steps too far.

During a Q&A on his Patreon page, Undertaker was asked about his infamous fear of cucumbers when he recounted the pranks Paul Bearer used to play on him involving the food.

“Did Paul Bearer [put cucumber in my boots]. Paul Bearer put cucumber in everything that I owned. Paul Bearer was evil, an evil evil man. Now I love him to death. I love him to death. I miss him every day. But the man was evil and was so much like, okay, you put them in my boots, ha ha ha. But he got to the point where that didn’t satisfy him enough.”

Bearer started making sure Undertaker got one of his five a day with his meals, although the Hall of Famer didn’t know exactly where the salad staple would end up.

“So he would have to push the envelope to the point where I remember once getting up. I had to go to the restroom or whatnot. I come back and he’s sitting there and I could just tell by the look on his face that he had done something. Didn’t know what it was. [I] didn’t know that anything had been ordered that had cucumber in it.

Anyway, I guess he went to the salad bar and got a slice of cucumber and somehow got it at the bottom of the glass of my iced tea.

“So I think I had, I was eating a hamburger or something. So I take a bite of this burger. I’m chewing it up. I take the tea, gonna wash it down. I’m drinking and then I see it. It’s like that moment of [realization] like ‘Oh my god. That’s a cucumber and it’s in my drink.’

“I slam the drink down and get the big spit pop from him. He spits what it is in his mouth out. I’m cussing him right in the middle of the restaurant and he’s like, ‘What, What I didn’t do that.’ I’m like ‘You’re a damn liar. You know you did that.'”

Why Is The Undertaker Scared Of Cucumber?

During the Q&A, The Undertaker finally explained his cucumber phobia. The Deadman says it all stems from a childhood incident that saw him eating a big bowl of them that had been soaking in vinegar, only to realise he had made a big mistake.

H/T to SEScoops for the above transcription.