The Undertaker Expresses What He Wants To See From Today’s Wrestlers

The Undertaker survivor series 2020

The Undertaker has offered today’s Superstars one crucial piece of advice to enhance their career longevity.

The legendary WWE Hall Of Famer brought the curtain down on an incredible 30-year career back in 2020, hanging up his boots after victory over AJ Styles in the critically acclaimed cinematic-style ‘Boneyard Match’ at WrestleMania 36.

The man who debuted at Survivor Series 1990 is widely credit as having the most successful wrestling gimmick of all-time, with mysterious and often spooky aura of The Undertaker character continuing to gain the Texas native notoriety across the globe despite having retired from the ring almost half a decade ago.

This on-going popularity is evidenced by an upcoming attraction at the WWE Experience in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with ‘The Deadman’ set to be the focal point of a new immersive experience.

Speaking recently on his podcast, ‘Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway‘, the former WWE Champion expressed his belief that modern day Superstars need to rely less on impressive physical feats and more on the storytelling aspect of their work that helped him to a 30-year career:

“These guys are so athletic, off the chart athleticism, they go out there and they give 110% every time on TV and everything like that. I just wish, if they can get a little bit more aspect of the storytelling, they’ll realize that they won’t have to take as many chances with their body.

Maybe they don’t want it because they have seen me walk backstage and maybe they don’t want 30 years, but I think their careers if they don’t learn storytelling aspect a little bit better are going to continue to rely on the athleticism and then more injuries come. I’ve had enough injuries, it just sucks so bad.”

The Undertaker Comments On Current WWE Backstage Environment

Having seen and heard it all during his thirty years as a member of the WWE locker room, The Undertaker is uniquely positioned to offer a take on the current behind the scenes environment in the company.

The former 6-time WWE Tag Team Champion recently revealed that the current backstage atmosphere is a lot calmer under the stewardship of Triple H than in previous years.

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription.