The Undertaker Says Vince McMahon Wrestling Led To Major WWE Change

The Undertaker Vince McMahon

The Undertaker has claimed life got easier for WWE stars when Vince McMahon wrestling led to the company bringing in softer rings.

For years Vince McMahon had merely appeared as an on-screen announcer for WWE but those in the know knew that the man responsible for such catchphrases as “what a maneuver” and “baaaaack body drop” was actually the man pulling the strings in the company.

In the late nineties tasked with trying to keep Stone Cold Steve Austin in check, Vince McMahon became an active WWE competitor and it seems the Chairman didn’t much like taking bumps on the hard, cold WWE rings of the time.

The Undertaker Says WWE Rings Changed Thanks To Vince McMahon’s Wrestling

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker revealed that WWE rings just so happened to get a lot softer when Vince McMahon had to hit the canvas in them:

The ring got a lot softer after Vince started taking bumps years ago. Those first generation rings with WWE were nothing more than glorified boxing rings. They freaking hurt, especially in the winter when your body is already stiff and it’s cold outside and you’re doing double shot days.

The second show on a double shot day, your body doesn’t loosen up the second time the way it does the first time. Those were pretty snug, hitting some of those in cold arenas.

Vince McMahon is currently out of creative in WWE and his future at the top of the company as Executive Chairman of TKO Group seems uncertain at best.

Vince McMahon was recently named as a liability for TKO in an SEC filing and he is selling off almost a third of his shares in the company.

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