The Undertaker Questions Whether Tony Khan Is The Right Man To Run AEW

Tony Khan & The Undertaker split

The Undertaker has given his thoughts on AEW.

Following the collapse of WCW in 2001, fans had been calling for a new company to rise up and challenge WWE. Despite much talk and as it turned out, much misplaced optimism, TNA Wrestling failed to pick up the baton. But the wrestling landscape changed in 2019 with the creation of AEW.

Although the promotion is still some way short of fully challenging the mite of WWE, it’s created a level of competition that hasn’t existed for years.

During a recent Q&A on Patreon, The Undertaker gave his thoughts on the Tony Khan-led promotion, admitting he wants to see them really push WWE. The veteran’s stance is grounded in a belief that competition will make WWE stronger.

“Hopefully, a lot of people don’t think the way I do but hopefully one day AEW gets their crap together and genuinely creates some competition. That’s probably not a popular take from most WWE insiders but the way I look at it, competition’s only gonna make, it’s only gonna make you better.”

However, The Deadman questioned whether AEW was actually equipped to take the fight to WWE. ‘Taker said he doesn’t believe AEW has a true locker room leader, while he has his doubts over Tony Khan’s ability to help the company grow.

“I don’t think there is a real true leader in the locker room. And I don’t, I am not sure…I have nothing against the man you know but I don’t know that Tony is the guy to run the company. I mean his heart’s in a good place and he wants to do something but I just don’t know that he has the acumen to run a wrestling company against the juggernaut that is the WWE.

But hey, I could be wrong. There was that one other time I was wrong. But I hope they get it together and we do have some [competition]. It’s better for the wrestlers, it’s better for the audience, the fans. It’s better for everything.”

The Undertaker Denies Trying To Hurt WWE Rivals

Meanwhile, The Undertaker has hit back at claims he deliberately tried to hurt fellow Superstars during matches.

The Hall of Famer said claims he set out to hurt people were wide of the mark. In regard to his violent-looking chair shots, ‘Taker said he swung a chair how he was taught, and pointed out how little was known about CTE at the time.

The star also denied trying to hurt Chris Kanyon because of his sexuality.

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