The Undertaker Comments On Today’s Wrestlers – “Human Video Games”

the undertaker wwe hall of fame 2022

The Undertaker has a lot of praise for the athleticism of current wrestlers while describing them as “human video games.”

During his 30+ year career in WWE, The Undertaker was known as one of the most agile big men wrestlers of all time. He could do a lot of incredible moves like the infamous “Old School” rope walk, leaping clotheslines, dives over the top to the floor, the running leg drop with a lot of height on the apron and so much more.

There are plenty of current stars in WWE that do impressive moves like that too because they grew up watching the likes of The Undertaker and Kane, who did a top rope clothesline in nearly ever match he had.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, The Undertaker talked about how impressed he is by the athleticism of today’s wrestlers.

“I love the athleticism now. I guess it’s the video game era. I’ve gotten a lot of heat over saying the guys play video games too much and they don’t pay enough attention to the work, but, what they can do physically is stuff I couldn’t even imagine doing and these guys are all like human video games.

“Their dedication to taking care of themselves is far better than what my generation did. There’s a lot less bad habits.”

As he continued, The Undertaker talked about how the current group of wrestlers think of themselves as pro athletes that take care of their bodies.

“They consider themselves professional athletes and conduct themselves that way. The evolution of the athleticism is nuts to me. I just watch sometimes and I’m like, ‘How do you even think that? How do you even think to do that?’ I mean, it’s one thing thinking it and then being able to go out and do it is just like, man I’m glad I can throw a punch.’”

The interview with The Undertaker also saw the WWE Hall of Famer say The Deadman character will not be coming back since he retired three years ago and says that black coat/hat look is gone now.