The Undertaker Slams Awful Ex-WWE Title

The Undertaker WWE Champion

The Undertaker is as old school as it comes so it should be no surprise that a certain WWE Championship belt left him unimpressed.

Over the course of WWE history, certain wrestling stars have been graced with their own version of a title belt. The most famous of these is probably the ‘Smoking Skull’ title worn by Stone Cold Steve Austin during his WWE Championship reign. The Ultimate Warrior modified his title with different coloured straps while Edge and The Miz both had their own twist over the most polarising custom title in wrestling history.

John Cena first introduced a spinner title to WWE when he captured the United States Championship. That belt was ultimately destroyed by JBL and his Cabinet but when Cena dethroned JBL for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 21, he soon introduced his own spinner version of that title.

The Undertaker Was No Fan Of Spinner Belt

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker was reflecting on WWE’s commemorative title belt for the star and said that he didn’t want his own title belt during his career, that was unless he was saddled with one controversial title belt:

No. I’m a traditionalist. I’m old school. Whatever the world title is, that’s what I wanted to represent. As cool as [the custom belt] is, it’s one of the nicest looking belts I’ve seen, I would have wanted one of the traditional belts, unless it was the spinner belt, which was awful.

If I had my choice, the spinner belt or [custom belt], I would have gone with the [custom belt]. I always like the traditional championships. Back then, it was more about being the champion than marketing. I’m not opposed to making money. I just think there are certain traditions and things that should be untouched. The championship should be the championship.

The Undertaker explained why an irate Vince McMahon took the WWE Title off him recently as the boss sought to give business a quick boost.

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