The Undertaker Reveals Which Opponent He Hated Facing The Most

The Undertaker Reveals Which Opponent He Hated Facing The Most

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker opened up about the profound impact of his program with Giant Gonzalez in the early 90s.

Expressing deep regret in an interview on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast with Sam Roberts, The Undertaker revealed that the ordeal had taken a significant toll on his career, lamenting the physical and mental strain it inflicted. Undertaker disclosed:

That whole thing took years off my career, I’d be in much better shape now if I could’ve skipped that one program.

The Undertaker recounted the stark contrast between his experiences and those of his peers, such as Bret Hart and Yokozuna, who were consistently delivering stellar matches. Despite his desire to be mentioned in the same breath as these wrestling icons, he acknowledged that it was an unattainable feat during his feud with Gonzalez.

It was survival every night trying to figure out what he could do,

Undertaker reflected

And it took me to try and make chicken salad out of chicken crap.

The Undertaker’s candid remarks shed light on the immense challenges he faced during this period, where salvaging each match became a daunting task.

Which Wrestler Did The Undertaker Claim He Never Had To Worry About Facing?

The Undertaker revealed that he never had to worry about facing Shawn Michaels. Taker stated that Michaels was so good in the ring that he could have a good match with anyone or anything and that is the reason he never had to worry about facing him in a match.

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