The Undertaker Reveals His Top 4 Finishing Moves In Wrestling

The Undertaker Reveals His Top 4 Finishing Moves In Wrestling

The Undertaker revealed his top four picks for the most impactful finishing moves in professional wrestling.

In an episode of his podcast, Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway, The Undertaker chose at number four Jake Roberts’ DDT, which he lauded for its unparalleled impact, emphasising its effectiveness before it became a high spot in matches.

I’ll put Jake [Roberts] on there, his DDT, before it was turned into a high spot, was just money.

Securing the third spot is Undertaker’s own iconic Tombstone Piledriver. Proudly discussing his signature move, Undertaker expressed his satisfaction in never allowing anyone to kick out of it, highlighting its undeniable dominance in the ring.

I’m gonna have a bit of vanity and I’ll put the Tombstone on there, I didn’t let anybody kick out of that.

Taking the second position is Sid Vicious’ Powerbomb, which Undertaker praised for its physicality and the challenge it posed for many wrestlers to withstand its force.

I’ll tell you what was physical and hard for a lot of guys to take was the Sid Vicious Powerbomb.

Finally, Undertaker crowned Vader’s Moonsault as the top finishing move.

I’ll go with the Vader Moonsault.

What Does The Undertaker Think About Dave Meltzer?

The Undertaker is not a fan of Dave Meltzer and fired shots at Meltzer for not giving his match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25 the coveted five-stars. Undertaker further stated that he doesn’t hold much stock in what Meltzer has to say as he has never competed in ring.

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