The Undertaker Wants To Punch WWE Star In The Face

The Undertaker WWE Ring

The Undertaker has a specific WWE superstar in mind when it comes to who he wants to punch in the face.

During his incredible WWE career from 1990 to 2020, The Undertaker was known for being one of the toughest wrestlers in the history of the company. Fans of The Undertaker loved him for his toughness among many other reasons.

While The Undertaker doesn’t plan to wrestle again, he showed at WrestleMania 40 when he Chokeslammed The Rock that he could still make an impact when he wanted to.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet’s Insight YouTube show, The Undertaker was talking about some top heels in current WWE like former Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER and his buddy Ludwig Kaiser, which led to Taker praising Kaiser.

“I like Kaiser. He’s going to be a great villainous heel. He’s easy to look at and dislike. It’s a quality. You look at him and go, ‘I don’t like him.’

“He has that heelish smug air to him. ‘I want to punch him in the face.’ That’s the best quality you can have as a heel. The rub that he is going to get off Gunther.

“Hopefully, he’ll get a heel run of his own someday.”

As for GUNTHER, The Undertaker praised him during the same interview while also telling a story about how Gunther was very nice to Taker’s young son as well.

The Undertaker Defends Himself Against Accusations Made By Others

Throughout his 30-year WWE career, The Undertaker had some memorable moments swinging a chair against his opponents. He recently explained on his podcast that he never swung a chair with malicious intent and how it was always just done to the best of his ability as a performer.

“In my defense, go back and look at the whole scope of how I swing a chair. I hit everybody the same. There was no malice. There was no, like, ‘Oh, I’m going to try and hurt the greenhorn.’ If you look at all my chair shots when we could hit.

Now granted, at the time, we did not know about CTE. And I came up in a generation where that’s how you swung a chair. And I have been accused and I’m getting a little bit hot about it… I’ve been accused of smashing Kanyon with a chair because he was gay. I didn’t even know he was gay. I didn’t even know until like, years later.… I could careless…but there’s people out there that have created that rumor, ‘Undertaker smashed him.’

Undertaker swung the chair the way Undertaker swung a chair. I didn’t expect anything. If I swung a chair at somebody, the way I swung it, I’d expect the same one back. Watch me and Triple H. He beat the crap out of me. That’s just the way I learned how to swing a chair. [Bruiser] Brody hit me with a chair in my first match that I thought broke my spine. That’s just the way I came up. Knowing now what we do about head injuries. It’s a different deal. I would say, ‘Okay, make sure that you get your hands up.’”

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