The Undertaker Once “Ripped Apart” Ex-WWE Star For Injuring People

The Undertaker

A former WWE Superstar has revealed The Undertaker once chewed out a fellow star for injuring several stars in the ring.

Wrestling stars take the safety of themselves and their opponents very seriously so if someone is making a habit of injuring people, then words are likely to be had. Even more likely if the people being injured are major WWE stars and members of The Undertaker’s backstage Bone Street Krew.

Speaking to Monte & The Pharaoh, former WWE star and Ministry of Darkness member Mideon recalled how The Undertaker tore into Viscera for injuring a trio of stars in the company including The Phenom himself and BSK member Henry O.Godwinn:

“I go to the Royal Rumble and the very first thing I see is Viscera dropped on him [Henry O. Godwinn] and hurt him. I walk in the locker room and Undertaker is just ripping him apart because he broke ‘Taker’s orbital socket, he hurt Kevin Nash’s back, he just hurt him [Henry O. Godwinn]. That’s his thing whenever he wants people to take him seriously, like with Stone Cold and Shawn [Michaels], taping the fists up.”

The taped fists reference refers to The Undertaker taping his fists in readiness at WrestleMania 14 just incase Shawn Michaels didn’t do business as planned and drop the WWE Championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin given that match took place just four months after the Montreal Screwjob.

h/t Sportskeeda