The Undertaker Recalls Bizarre Early-Career Stint In Pink Gear

The Undertaker WWE

The Undertaker had an interesting fashion choice early on in his legendary career as a wrestler.

After spending 30 years as a mainstay in WWE who will be remembered as an all-time great Hall of Famer, The Undertaker has pulled back the curtain a lot with some incredible stories about his lifelong journey in pro wrestling.

While The Undertaker’s stories about his battles with the best wrestlers are what fans want to hear, he’s also a man who is willing to speak about his bizarre fear of cucumbers.

During a discussion on his Six Feed Under podcast, The Undertaker admitted that he did some backyard wrestling.

“Backyard wrestling. I got my start in backyard wrestling. I looked like Andre The Giant compared to the guys I was in the ring with. They were all guys that were never gonna go anywhere. They would be great in this day in age because there’s like a smaller wrestling base, I guess. These guys were teeny tiny and there was just me, 6 foot 8 and 320 pounds.”

“I just looked like Andre compared to everybody else. Back then, whenever you got an opportunity to get in the ring, whatever it was.”

As he continued, The Undertaker revealed he even wore the color pink in the ring as well.

“Powerhouse. I had a Powerhouse Gym t-shirt. I was living the gimmick…I think it was even pink too. That was before I had calmed my colors down.”

When he got to WWE, The Undertaker did not wear the color pink. That was more of a Bret Hart thing with The Hart Foundation and as a singles wrestler. The Undertaker mostly dressed in black, but he did have some purple gloves for a few years too.

The Undertaker Didn’t Enjoy The Ministry Of Darkness Stable

On another episode of the podcast, The Undertaker admitted he didn’t like the Ministry of Darkness stable that he led in 1998-99, which also became known as the Corporate Ministry as well.

“How much can I push back really in that situation? But I didn’t like it. I thought as soon as it became Corporate Ministry that it got all watered down and it just ceased to be fun anymore. So, yeah, that was the kind of the beginning of the end right then.”

“We were really pushing the envelope, as far as touching on religion and all these other different [aspects]. We were getting plenty of hate mail over some of the stuff that we were doing but once The Corporate Ministry, [and] there’s 20 people out there… [The nWo] is a great example of where it ended up, you know? Not a super great payoff, in my opinion. It was just kind of blegh.”

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