The Undertaker Couldn’t Remember Own Name After Historic WWE Bout

The Undertaker Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Was Scared Of His Punches

The Undertaker recalls a famous match going badly wrong.

At WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker was involved in one of the most famous matches to ever take place at the spectacular. After enjoying a stunning unbeaten streak at the event, the WWE legend was finally pinned by Brock Lesnar in a moment that shocked the wrestling world.

But there were problems. ‘Taker had no idea what happened in the match, who won, and was unable to remember his own name.

Early in the contest, the WWE Hall of Famer suffered a concussion, but somehow battled through to the match’s planned conclusion. But as soon as the action was over, Undertaker was rushed to the hospital as the severity of the situation became clear.

Speaking in a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, the veteran recalled waking up in the hospital and having no idea where he was. As he struggled to remember his name and birthday, he somehow recognised his wife and implored her to help him cheat the doctor’s questions.

“My last memory of that day happened around two o’clock in the afternoon. Michelle had come backstage to check to see me. Then I told her because I didn’t know until 30 minutes before that we were going to break The Streak. I got to the building that day thinking I was going over. So I just got the news that we’re going to break The Streak tonight. I remember telling her and the next thing that I remember I’m in the hospital at like 4:30 in the morning.

When you get concussed like that they come in every five minutes. They want to know your name, your birthday, where you’re at, and everything like that. It was crazy. Because evidently, I knew who she was but I had no clue who I was. [They asked me] ‘Sir, can you tell me your name? What year were you born? Where are you?’ [I said] ‘Erm, hospital?’ This happened several times. But so evidently I knew who Michelle was, they left and I was like, ‘Come here, she goes, yeah? [I said] What’s my name?’ She says, ‘Babe, I can’t cheat for you on this.’ ‘What’s my name? Just tell me my name.'”

He added that doctors initially feared he’d broken his neck, but it was discovered this was an old injury — that somehow he wasn’t aware of.

“Finally, at 4:30 I figured out my name and where I was. It took me a while to figure out that I’d already wrestled. I gotta get to the stadium. No, it’s already over, all that had already happened. I’m in no pain whatsoever. They gave me a CAT scan as soon as I got there. A lot of people don’t know this either, Vince left WrestleMania, and he and Brock both got in a car and followed the ambulance to the hospital.

So the first thing they do is give me a CAT scan and they come out and Michelle and Vince are there and they say ‘he’s broken his neck.’ They’re like, ‘oh, my gosh.’ Then another doctor comes in who reads the scans and he goes, ‘No, no, no, he goes, that’s a that’s an old break, it’s an old injury.’ So I had broken my neck at some point and didn’t know that I had broken my neck. So ‘no his neck is fine, he’s just got a really bad concussion.'”

The Undertaker Refuses To Blame Brock Lesnar

When reflecting on the exact moment he suffered the concussion, The Deadman refused to lay any blame at the feet of Lesnar. Instead, ‘Taker suggested his inactivity during this period left him unprepared for a match with someone as physical as his long-time rival.

“So I eventually remember my name and my birthday and where I was at and everything, but I have absolutely zero recollection of that match until I watched it back. I mean, and the reason why I know it’s like, five or 10 minutes is because I can tell by how I’m moving. I went through the whole match, did whatever, did everything that we were supposed to do. But I can tell by how sluggish I was and the way I was moving. My timing was a little off, just a little bit off on everything.

I think what it was, is out at that point, I was in that period of time where I was only working WrestleMania, I would do WrestleMania I would go have something fixed. I would rehab and then I started training again for the WrestleMania next year.

And I think what ended up happening was it just again, Father Time, I wasn’t used to the trauma that you get during a wrestling match, and especially a wrestling match with Brock Lesnar. There’s not a lot of people that pick me up and throw me around like he was able to. It wasn’t anything that he did that was unsafe. It was just the fact that I was taking a bunch of belly-to-backs and something just rang my bell.”

Following his defeat to Lesnar, The Undertaker continued to wrestle, admitting he almost overstayed his welcome. However, after several matches of varying quality, he finally retired after beating AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

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