The Undertaker Clarifies His Wrestling Future

The Undertaker WWE Hall of Fame

The Undertaker has opened up about his future in wrestling after leaving fans with the tease “never say never” at the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Undertaker took his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame in the spring of 2022, bringing the curtain down on one of the most iconic and illustrious WWE careers of all time.

A multiple-time world champion in the company, The Undertaker’s legacy is greater than even titles with his WrestleMania Streak unlikely to ever be surpassed.

The Deadman last laced up his boots in anger at WrestleMania 36 when he faced AJ Styles in the incredible, cinematic Boneyard Match. The Undertaker buried Styles alive, riding off into the night and into his life as a former WWE Superstar.

However, he left the WWE Universe hanging during his Hall of Fame induction, leaving fans hanging with the words “never say never,” giving a tease that he could don the wide-brimmed hat and walk the aisle one more time.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, The Undertaker was asked about his future and says the mere fact he was even asked means that the line did its job:

“Just the fact you asked that question, mission accomplished, you never say never. I don’t have aspirations of ever stepping into the ring again, but this is the WWE, man. You never say never. You just never say never.”

The Undertaker also recently gave his thoughts about Stephanie McMahon stepping up to be WWE’s interim Chairwoman and CEO.