The Undertaker Says Current Champion In WWE Is Lacking In One Area

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The Undertaker feels that a current champion in WWE is impressive, but could use improvement in a particular area.

At WWE Crown Jewel, Logan Paul won his first championship in WWE when he defeated Rey Mysterio to win the US Title.

That Paul-Mysterio match had a controversial finish when Paul used brass knuckles to knock Mysterio out for the win. The brass knuckles were left on the apron by Santos Escobar, who has since turned on Rey and the LWO.

While speaking about Logan Paul on his Six Feet Under YouTube channel, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker praised the US Champion for his athleticism.

“Dude, I tell you what, it’s amazing guys like him, obviously incredibly athletic. I met him once at WrestleMania last year in LA briefly. Man, if he wanted to, I think he could be really, really special. Not that he isn’t.”

The Undertaker Names What Logan Paul Could Improve On

Fans of WWE love to boo Logan Paul, who is known for having a cocky attitude whether he’s in WWE or in a boxing ring. While Paul has had some matches in WWE as a babyface, he is better off as a heel since it appears to be a more natural role for him.

While discussing what Logan Paul needs to do to improve, The Undertaker thinks that he could improve as a storyteller.

“I mean, athletically he can do everything, but I mean, if he would kind of invest some of his time too, I mean, what he’s done already with, I mean, is pretty astounding, really. It’s not easy to get in and have matches of that caliber that quickly. I think a little more work in the storytelling department.”

Logan Paul has yet to defend the United States Championship, but he is set to appear on the December 1st episode of Smackdown to potentially set up a title match.

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