The Undertaker Still Prefers Attitude Era To Triple H’s WWE

The Undertaker WWE Champion

The Undertaker recognises the success WWE is currently having with records breaking and sold out shows but don’t tell him it’s better than the Attitude Era.

Triple H was quick to celebrate WrestleMania 40 breaking ticket sales records as WWE continues to ride a wave of success with sold out shows and record revenues.

With WWE celebrating success after success, many fans have compared the current product to the Attitude Era which is seen as the last time that pro wrestling really captured the mainstream buzz. One of the key members of the WWE roster at that time – and for several years before and even more after – was The Undertaker.

The Undertaker Says Nothing Better Than The Attitude Era

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, The Undertaker was asked if what he sees today is comparable to the Attitude Era and while he recognises WWE’s current success – nothing will ever surpass his heyday:

I will go and in my head I’ll try to pick things apart and there’s a lot of things that I don’t like. Obviously, there’s still a huge aspect of storytelling that’s missing. It’s getting better but overall, the atmosphere and business you cannot deny what’s going on right now. Everything is sold out.

It was for the Rumble or maybe at Mania, I was walking down the hallway and they had this sheet on the wall of the cities that there are no comps for. And I’m not just talking about 2 or 3 cities, there’s a list of 30 cities that you cannot get comps for because they’re sold out and I hadn’t seen that since the Attitude Era.

Obviously, prices are different and all that but the energy level in the crowd. The product, the guys, it’s strong man. I will never say anything is better than the Attitude Era. I’m gonna hold onto that but what’s going on right now is as close as you’re ever gonna get and they’re making more money.

The Undertaker has also revealed what he found difficult about his shock appearance at WrestleMania 40. The WWE Hall of Famer made a shock appearance in the main event as he chokeslammed The Rock before Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship.