The Undertaker Nearly Had Altercation With A Shark (VIDEO)

The Undertaker

The Undertaker was always known for his intimidation in a WWE ring and recently a shark found that out as well!

When it comes to scaring his fellow wrestlers in the ring, sometimes all The Undertaker had to do was stare at them and they would fall back or look intimidated immediately.

It all started with this entrance when the “GONG” hit and the eerie music played as The Undertaker made his slow walk down to the ring, took off his hat and jacket, and stared into the eyes of whoever he was going to destroy next.

For 30 years, The Undertaker scared his opponents even before the bell rang and sometimes, the match was over just because of how scary he was when he looked at them. The Hall of Famer knew that just by playing headgames with his opponent, it would give him an advantage in their match.

All of that is kayfabe of course and part of the allure of his character. Many people believe The Undertaker was the greatest character in WWE history. Considering his longevity as a 30-year main event performer, it’s hard to argue against it in terms of longevity.

Since retiring from WWE in 2020, The Undertaker is off the road except when he’s performing his 1 DeadMan Shows like he recently did in England during Money in the Bank week.

The Undertaker has been married to former WWE Women’s & Divas Champion Michelle McCool, who is likely going to join him in the Hall of Fame some day.

McCool shared some photos and videos from when the couple was at the beach recently. She filmed a shark in the water. That led to her protector, The Undertaker, standing in the water in front of his wife to prevent anything from happening.

In a follow-up tweet, McCool noted that it was a “big, beautiful nurse shark” that likely wasn’t going to cause any harm, but we think wrestling fans will chalk it to The Deadman having a staredown just like he did in WWE many times.