The Toughest Wrestlers Hardcore Holly Says: “Nobody Ever Talks About”

The Toughest Wrestlers Hardcore Holly Says:

Hardcore Holly highlighted the often-overlooked toughness of two former WWE Superstars in the wrestling industry.

In an interview on The Steve Austin Show, Hardcore Holly specifically mentioned Gene Snitsky and the late Test as individuals who made a significant impact in the ring.

The one guy that nobody ever talks about that was physical, actually the two guys, one was Test and the other guy was Gene Snitsky.

According to Holly, Snitsky was like a solid brick wall, delivering powerful hits that left a lasting impression. Despite the intensity, Holly trusted that he would be alright. He also mentioned that Snitsky would laugh every time he inflicted pain on Holly.

Gene Snitsky is like running into a brick wall. And when he hits you? I think with me, Gene thinks, ‘Do you know what? Bob, I can do whatever I want to him and he’s going to be okay with it.’ And I was, but goddamn, that son of a b**ch, he tried to hurt me! And it was funny because he would laugh every time he did something to me.

However, Holly admitted that Snitsky’s strength sometimes led to unintended injuries. Holly recounted an incident in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where Snitsky hit him so hard that Holly retaliated by striking him with a chair, resulting in a gory scene. Both wrestlers found humour in the situation, laughing about it afterwards.

One night in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, that b****rd hit me so hard, and I picked up a chair, and I cracked him with the chair, Steve. I laced him wide [open]. I mean, I ripped him wide open with the chair. It looked like a pig was slaughtered in that ring, which he was fine with it because we were both laughing about it when, of course, I made sure he was alright.

What Did Maven Think About Hardcore Holly?

Maven stated that Hardcore Holly hated everyone until you earned his respect. Maven said that Holly treated everyone in the locker room with disdain until you proved yourself to him, Maven recalled that after being screamed at by Holly to hit him harder in a match he earned his respect when in the next match he hit him as hard as he could.

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