The Story Of Bayley’s “Unacceptable” Wardrobe Choice

The Story Of Bayley's Early Wardrobe Malfunction

Bayley’s influence on the WWE women’s division has been profound, capturing the hearts of fans with her captivating career trajectory.

Her journey into professional wrestling commenced at a young age, culminating in her signing with WWE in December 2012. She debuted in the developmental division, WWE NXT, where she achieved significant success and popularity, notably winning the NXT Women’s Championship. Upon joining WWE, Bayley entered an environment that had yet to undergo its ‘Diva’s Revolution’, with a focus on hiring models and transforming them into Divas, emphasising looks over wrestling ability.

This approach had an impact on Bayley, as she admitted to not being true to herself when developing her look and persona. During an interview on The New Day: Feel the Power, Bayley candidly discussed the challenges she faced upon joining WWE and the pressures to conform to a specific image.

I would say the main thing I realized throughout the years was to be comfortable in your skin and just realizing I didn’t have to be this big old diva or model, which was what I was really scared of.”

Bayley reminisced about her extensive three-day try-out at WWE’s former developmental company, FCW.

“(The writers) said, ‘Wear something presentable’ and I bought this dress that I thought was going to get me noticed. They made me go change because I was showing way too much cleavage. I was not me at all. I just thought that’s what they wanted.”

Turns out, that the image Bayley had portrayed was not what was wanted.

“I remember them pulling me aside and they’re like, ‘You need to change. What you’re wearing is unacceptable.’ I’m like, ‘What do you guys want from me?!’ I was so unsure of where I was going to fit and how it was going to happen. I was pretty sure I was going to get fired.”

Bayley’s persona has undergone a significant evolution from her initial portrayal as a wholesome fan favourite who was known for her insistence on hugging fellow supporters. This transformation culminated in her recent achievement of winning the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania XL.

Bayley’s Cements All-Time Great Status At WrestleMania XL

During the penultimate match on the second night of WrestleMania XL, Bayley defeated IYO Sky. After placing SKY on the defensive, the challenger executed a Macho Man-style elbow and the Rose Plant to reclaim the Women’s Championship.

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