The Rock’s Insane WWE WrestleMania Payday Revealed

The Rock

The Rock came back to WWE for a huge WrestleMania match and it seems the return could have seen a huge increase in his wealth.

The road to WrestleMania 40 became a convoluted one when The Rock returned to WWE apparently to finally go one-on-one with Roman Reigns. However, fans revolted against that idea with Cody Rhodes the people’s choice to go up against Reigns and finally finish his story by becoming WWE Champion.

The Rock was less than thrilled at playing second fiddle and instead joined Reigns and The Bloodline leading to a tag team match that pitted The Rock and Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

In Philadelphia, the heated, personal blood feud turned into something like a pro wrestling match but things soon broke down with The Rock and Seth Rollins battling through the crowd while Reigns and Rhodes fought up to the entranceway.

Cody Rhodes had the match won before The Rock pulled out the referee to give a taste of what Bloodline Rules could mean in the WWE Universal Title match the next night. With The Rock threatening the referee with his job due to his role on TKO’s board, The Bloodline got away with almost anything anyway.

In the end, The Rock stopped Rhodes from hitting a trio of Cross Rhodes on Reigns with a vicious belt shot before a Rock Bottom and a People’s Elbow were enough to put The American Nightmare away. Thankfully for Rhodes, The Rock was stopped from using his belt again one night later when The Undertaker shockingly chokeslammed The Final Boss.

The Rock Nets Huge WrestleMania Payday

Now an SEC Filing has uncovered just what The Rock earned for competing at WrestleMania and it’s sure to make your eyes water. On the 7th of April, Dwayne Johnson was awarded 96,558 shares of TKO Group Holdings Class A common stock. Those shares have an approximate value of $9.4 million.

Those stock units had previously been restricted and were given over to Johnson on “completion of certain services described” as laid out in his Independent Contractor Services and Merchandising Agreement dated January 22, 2024. That date was the day before the announcement was made that The Rock had joined the TKO Board of Directors.