The Rock Threatens Triple H Backstage At WWE Press Conference

The Rock Triple H WWE

The Rock was in no mood for games at WWE’s latest WrestleMania press conference.

The ‘Road To WrestleMania’ is well and truly underway after an explosive night in Las Vegas.

On February 8th WWE held a press conference to hype WrestleMania 40 and despite offering more questions than answers about the main event at the spectacular, Cody Rhodes finally made his decision. But not before Roman Reigns attempted to make it for him.

Initially, Reigns said he would like to face The Rock, while The Great One was heavily booed when he took the stage. The match appeared to be agreed, only for Rhodes to appear and call the situation “bullsh*t.” He then announced that he would be facing Reigns at WrestleMania.

This sparked a war of words between Reigns and Rhodes as Rock and Seth Rollins watched on. Rhodes upped the ante by saying that if Reigns’ and The Rock’s grandfathers were here they would be disappointed. The Rock then stepped to Rhodes’ face and promptly slapped him before all involved were pulled apart with things threatening to boil over.

The Rock Tells Triple H To “Fix This”

With the drama on the stage over, Triple H gave an interview backstage but he was soon interrupted by The Rock and Roman Reigns as they were leaving — now seemingly in alliance.

Rock snarled at Triple H to “fix this” adding “Have them talk sh*t about our family again that’s what happens….you don’t fix it we will.” As The Game tried to calm the situation The Rock fired back “Have them talk sh*t about our family again…I’ll slap the f*cking teeth out of his mouth.

The clash came after Rock blasted Cody Rhodes fans as “Cody Crybabies” during an appearance on the Pat MacAfee Show.