The Rock Says He Can’t Be Controlled

the rock wwe point promo

The Rock has responded to being censored during recent WWE television appearances.

When The Rock appeared in the ring during the March 1st episode of Smackdown, fans watching in the United States were annoyed because the screen went black numerous times.

This was done apparently because there was a fan holding a “Die Rocky Die” sign in the crowd. It wasn’t something that WWE publicly addressed, but that’s believed to be the main reason why the screen was blacked out numerous times during the show.

It was on that episode of Smackdown when Rock challenged Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins to a match against Rock & Roman Reigns to a WrestleMania 40 match.

Before this week’s Smackdown, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on social media to deliver a promo hyping up the show while talking trash about his opponent. The Rock also tried to explain what happened while maintaining his heel character persona.

“So speaking of broadcasts, last week, everyone complaining on Friday Night Smackdown, ‘What’s going on? My TV is blacked out during certain times of The Rock’s promo, what’s happening?’ In certain pockets across the country, well, here’s what happened. Standards and Practices, baby. Standards and Practices.

“They get nervous now when The Rock has a live microphone in his hand and the world is watching. They got nervous when The Rock went to Phoenix and The Rock dropped the gospel. Phoenix, Arizona, the number one city in the country for cocaine and meth use. And The Rock caught them all, you cactus loving and crackheads!”

“And they booed, but they cheered. They hated it, but they loved it. Because The Rock said the truth.”

The Rock Says You Can’t Control The People

As he continued during his social media rant, The Rock would go on to claim that he can’t be controlled by Standards and Practices.

“Standards and Practices though, they push the button. They push the button because they want to control The Rock. Just like they push the buttons like they want to control the people. But you can’t control The Rock, you can’t control the people, and The Rock is the People’s Champion.

“And that’s why Seth, you idiot, and that’s why Cody, you chickensh*t, that’s why The Rock is the People’s Champion. So Standards and Practices, you can get scared all you want, you can have your finger on the button, and you should, because there ain’t nobody, and The Rock means nobody, that will tell it like it is more than The Rock, the People’s Champion.

“So tonight in Dallas, Texas, Standards and Practices get ready. Tonight in Dallas, Texas, that walking clown emoji Seth Rollins, you get ready. And tonight, Cody Rhodes, you get ready too, because you got to come to Dallas where The Rock has been waiting for you come to Dallas and you give us your answer.”

During his promo on that Smackdown in Dallas, The Rock used a swear word when he called Seth Rollins a “walking clown emoji, piece of s**t” and that swear word was censored as well.

Also on Smackdown, The Rock & Reigns facing Rhodes & Rollins was made official while Cody also got revenge on Rock with a slap to the face.

H/T Inside The Ropes