The Rock’s Latest Project Branded A “Hatchet Job” By AEW Figure

The Rock on WWE Raw

Not everyone will be rushing to watch The Rock’s latest project.

On June 4th, Who Killed WCW? premiered on Vice, with the four-part series promising a deep dive into the success and collapse of WCW. The documentary has been brought to life by the producers of Dark Side of The Ring, and The Rock’s Seven Bucks Promotions, The two sides had previously worked on Tales From The Territories.

Despite the new documentary promising not to be a simple retelling of WWE’s version of WCW’s demise, not everyone is buying it.

Tony Schiavone is remembered by many as the voice of WCW, working on the announce team from the company’s creation in the late 1980s until its demise in 2001, via a short spell in WWE in 1989. This means he was up close and personal with the chaos, and in a better position than most to recall what happened.

But while speaking on his What Happened When podcast, Schiavone said he wouldn’t be watching the show, commenting that he’s expecting a “hatchet job.”

“I have watched some of the ‘Dark Side of the Ring,’ but I won’t watch that,” Schiavone said. “Because I know what it is — it’s a hatchet job.”

How Involved Was The Rock In New Documentary

Ahead of the launch of the documentary, producer Evan Husney said The Rock was extremely enthusiastic about the project and stressed the importance of his input. Husney said The Great One asked to be interviewed for the show after seeing early cuts of the film, adding he played a key role in stressing how good WCW was, rather than just being a brand WWE defeated.

H/t to Wrestling Inc