The Rock Is A Huge Fan Of A Certain Former WWE Superstar

The Rock Is A Huge Fan Of A Certain Former WWE Superstar

At 60, Former WWE Superstar Steve Blackman Impresses The Rock with his physique.

Steve Blackman, known during his tenure with the WWE as the “Lethal Weapon” owing to his martial arts expertise, has captured the attention of The Rock with his astonishing physical condition at the age of 60.

Blackman’s tenure in the WWE was marked by his distinctive wrestling style, heavily influenced by his martial arts background, which set him apart from his peers in the professional wrestling domain. Rock celebrated for his own remarkable physique and athletic prowess, took to Instagram to express his admiration for Blackman, marvelling at his unparalleled fitness despite reaching the age of 60. Rock not only commended Blackman’s physical appearance but also extolled his personal integrity, labelling him as “a super good dude” whom he greatly admires.

Interestingly, Blackman and The Rock shared the squared circle in numerous bouts during 1998 and 1999. Of particular note is Blackman’s significant victory over The Rock, where he emerged triumphant in a singles match aired on the February 17th, 1998 episode of WWE Raw. Despite Blackman’s impactful contributions to the wrestling landscape, he chose to step away from active competition in 2007.

Why Has The Rock Faced Backlash In His Recent WWE Promos?

The Rock has received backlash from WWE executives due to his use of colourful language in his recent promos. It was reported that Triple H, Nick Khan, and Dan Vetrelle sent a memo out reminding talent to adhere to the PG guidelines that exist within the company.