The Rock Scheduled For Huge Match At WWE WrestleMania 41

The Rock pointing at the camera

The Rock will be back in WWE for WrestleMania 41.

After he returned to action at WrestleMania 40, it’s widely believed The Rock is yet to wrestle his last match.

For several years the dream match appeared to be Rock vs. Roman Reigns, but it seems that match has fallen down the list of priorities. At WrestleMania, the Great One pinned Cody Rhodes in tag team action before confronting the star on the following episode of Raw.

According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, current plans call for Rock to face Rhodes at WrestleMania 41, although there’s no guarantee Cody Rhodes will still be World Champion.

“At this point the show is scheduled to feature Cody Rhodes vs. The Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s idea is WWE title vs. People’s title. Those in WWE have noted that there is no guarantee Rhodes will be champion at that time, which is where the people’s belt comes in. But so many things can change over the course of a year.”

The Rock Sent Emily Blunt WrestleMania Tickets

In a new interview, Emily Blunt revealed The Rock invited her to WrestleMania 41, but she decided to watch the show from home.

Blunt is set to star alongside the WWE legend in the new movie Smashing Machine chronicling the story of MMA star Mark Kerr.