The Rock Helps Santa Claus Get Swole For Christmas

The Rock dressed as Santa

The Rock and Santa have been clanging and banging in Iron Paradise.

The Great One has released a video on social media showing Santa getting “swole as f**k” with some help from his “little brother Dwanta” as he prepares for his annual trip to deliver presents to kids around the world.

The only difference this year is that Santa has ditched his traditional boots for a pair of Project Rock’s new PR6 shoes. In a new take on the Night Before Christmas, The People’s Champion went into detail of the pair’s annual routine.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and just where is Santa?
He’s at the Iron Paradise with his little brother, Dwanta.

Every year before his ride it’s a family tradition.
Get Santa swole as f**k, that’s Dwanta’s mission.
I got him Project Rock’s brand-new PR6.
Screw them ugly boots, he’s got my dope-ass new kicks.
Clanging and banging till we’re nearly delirious.
His farts smell like peppermint. You know I’m totally serious.

We did bicep curls and thought about burpees.
He told me about that time an elf gave him herpes.
It was a glorious night filled with blood, sweat, and cheer.
I said, ‘You jolly old b*stard, I’ll see you next year.

With Santa and Dwanta both jacked and good-looking, we said, ‘Merry Christmas to all,’ if you smell what we’re cooking.

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