Has The Rock Dropped Another Tease Of Split With Roman Reigns?

the rock wwe stare roman reigns

The Rock returned to WWE in 2024 and has teamed up with Roman Reigns to form a dominant partnership – but can it last forever?

The Rock and Roman Reigns has been a dream match rumoured for years by WWE fans. 2024 looked like it was the year the company was going to pull the trigger on the bout but then a certain Cody Rhodes got in the way.

When Cody Rhodes stepped aside to allow The Rock a shot at Reigns at WrestleMania, fans revolted. Since his return to WWE in 2022, Cody Rhodes has discussed finishing his story and winning the WWE Universal Championship and it seems the fans wanted that as well.

That led to The Rock siding with Reigns and together The Bloodline’s top dogs will face Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a blockbuster tag team match that will headline night one of WrestleMania in Philadelphia.

During a very in-character appearance on The Tonight Show, Roman Reigns said nobody is interested in Cody Rhodes’ story because he’s already beaten him:

I think Cody’s reading the wrong book at this point. We don’t care about his story. It’s a funny thing because [The Rock] told me this a long time ago. In the wrestling business, there’s no call sheet, there’s no, you know, ‘He’s number one, he’s number two.’ So everybody on our roster believes they’re number one. So it’s just a shark tank, everybody’s trying to take each other out.

This guy’s been chasing me for two years now. I’ve beaten him, we’ve crossed this bridge already, so this is where we close the book completely on this guy Cody Rhodes and we display what the most powerful family in pro wrestling is all about.

“There Can Only Be One” – The Rock

The Rock then likened his WrestleMania opponents to two iconic movie characters but may have raised eyebrows by saying there could be only one person at the top of the business despite him mentioning both himself and Roman Reigns:

For those of you who may not know, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins – they’re both badasses in their own right. I liken Cody Rhodes to Luke Skywalker, and I liken Seth Rollins to The Joker. So these guys are really unique, kind of crazy guys.

But also, at the end of the day, as my cousin was saying, there can only be one. And when there is only one, you have The Tribal Chief and you have The Final Boss. And so I have the pleasure of getting back into the ring. I’ve been working my ass off. I’ve been working hard, [Reigns] has been working with me.

Long-term storytelling has been a feature of The Bloodline’s story since Roman Reigns paired up with Paul Heyman in 2020. A showdown between Reigns and The Rock could very well still be on the cards but fans might have to be patient after telling the company to hang fire on the bout.

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