The Rock Stars In New “Big Dwayne Energy” ZOA Energy Ad Sporting Unique Looks

the rock mustache look

The Rock is going back to his comedy roots in the latest creative ad for his ZOA Energy drink.

When he appears on WWE television these days, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be getting booed a lot because fans prefer to see current stars like Cody Rhodes, but fans shouldn’t forget that part of the reason that Rock became so popular was because of his humor.

On WWE SmackDown from Salt Lake City, The Rock made it clear that he was part of The Bloodline group with cousin Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, along with Paul Heyman, Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa.

Away from the WWE ring, The Rock is a busy man who is involved in other things like running the United Football League, he’s got a tequila company, an energy drink, a brand of clothing with Under Amour, a production company, he’s acting, producing movies and many other ventures as well.

In a new one-minute ad for his ZOA Energy Drink, The Rock can be seen with some unique looks including a thick mustache as well as the classic fanny pack/gold chain look that has become infamous for him.

The ad is all about pushing “Big Dwayne Energy” and of course promoting the ZOA Energy drink as well. On X/Twitter and his other social media channels, Rock posted his commercial for the world to see.

ZOA Energy drinks are available in many stores throughout the United States and Canada. Online purchases can be made through and Amazon.

The Rock Disrespects Cody Rhodes On WWE SmackDown

During his promo on SmackDown, The Rock made a point to take shots at Cody Rhodes and the “Cody Crybabies,” which is his reference to Cody’s fans. When addressing his Smackdown appearance on Twitter/X, The Rock wrote this.

Heโ€™s back.
Greatness sins.
Devil disrupts.
Always speaks the truth.
Even when he lies.

Record setting crowd.
Mana. Energy. Eruption. Chills.

~ peopleโ€™s champ

The part about “always speaks the truth, even when he lies” could be about saying that Cody shouldn’t just be given another title shot against Roman Reigns. Rock failed to mention that Cody Rhodes earned a title shot by winning the Royal Rumble, which is something Cody could bring up as soon as Raw on Monday.

There’s no word yet on when The Rock might be back on WWE television.