The Rock Addresses Staff At Mandatory WWE Meeting

The Rock Dwayne Johnson

Finally, The Rock has come back to WWE and it seems he’s here for good as he takes on a corporate role with the company.

The TKO Group was formed when Endeavor completed its takeover of WWE in September 2023. TKO oversees both WWE and the UFC with Vince McMahon the current Executive Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

The 23rd of January 2024 proved to be a historic day for TKO and WWE with The Rock appointed to TKO’s Board. That news came on the same day that WWE announced a huge deal with Netflix for Raw worth $5 billion. The combination of these events caused TKO’s stock to skyrocket throughout the day.

The Rock Addresses WWE Staff

A mandatory all-staff meeting was called for WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, CT and PWInsider has provided some insight into what happened there.

The Rock, Nick Khan, and Triple H all spoke at what was described as a “rah rah meeting” with plenty of praise being dished out to staff for getting the company in the position it is in. The Rock was said to have done his “entire spiel” for staff which got a big reaction – it isn’t known if he told anyone it didn’t matter what their name was.

The report also noted that Paul Heyman was seen at WWE headquarters as well but it is not known why he was there.