The Rock Addresses Potential WWE Sale

The Rock

WWE legend The Rock has given his take on the potential sale of WWE this year, noting that there is a lot which would have to be decided at the top level if it does happen.

The return of Vince McMahon as Executive Chairman of the WWE Board of Directors has been extremely well publicized in the wrestling world, and there has been plenty of talk that he has come back to head up a sale of the company. Whilst there has been plenty of speculation as to potential buyers and even some reports the deal had been done, nothing has been officially confirmed at this stage.

Now, The Rock has chimed in with his opinion on both how valuable WWE is, and the passion any potential purchasers would need to have towards the company.

In a discussion on CNBC’s Squawk in the Street, The Rock spoke about how exciting the brand is, and wished the company well.

Well, I can tell you this, I can tell you it’s an exciting brand. It’s a brand that I’ve been fortunate enough to have tremendous success in over the decades.

We’ve seen tremendous success over the years. I think it’s a very attractive company. I’m excited, and I wish Vince and that company all the best.

When asked about Vince McMahon’s role if a sale does take place, The Rock noted that any new purchaser would need to share his passion for the business.

That’s a great point. I think with the world of professional wrestling and the world of WWE it’s so unique. The fan base is very large and very passionate, and there’s nothing like the WWE. I think with the new owners if there are new owners, and acquirers that are going to come in, I think they have to share that same passion that Vince has for the company and for the world of pro wrestling, which isn’t always easy to do.

With a company like this, it’s been so incredibly successful over the years, a sale and acquisition could be very complicated, but there’s that unique added anchor to this I believe to this that Vince feels where you gotta find the right buyer who still has that passion and love for this very unique world.

There has been plenty of expectation that The Rock will return to action at WWE WrestleMania 39 to take on Roman Reigns. However, it has also been reported that Triple H has a backup plan if that match can’t take place.

With thanks to WrestlingNews.Co for the transcription.