The Reason WWE Star Believes They Were Fortunate In AEW

WWE logo over blurred Shawn Spears Ridge Holland

One current WWE star has given his thoughts on his time in AEW and revealed the reason he thinks he was fortunate despite not being heavily featured by Tony Khan.

Ridge Holland was in the ring on the 27th of February edition of NXT protesting his innocence over more recent storyline injuries attributed to him when the lights went out. The ‘Three Faces’ vignettes that have aired in recent weeks saw their latest play on the video screen and when they stopped a spotlight illuminated the ring and the mystery man who cracked Holland with a steel chair.

That man was AEW original Shawn Spears who is back in WWE after five years away. Spears was known as The Chairman in AEW after he cracked Cody Rhodes with a brutal unprotected chair shot that busted The American Nightmare wide open.

Spears had been part of The Pinnacle in AEW but by the time 2023 came around, he was limited to just 5 TV matches before his exit from the company.

Shawn Spears Has Fond Memories Of AEW Despite WWE Switch

Taking part in a Q&A on social media, Shawn Spears was asked for his favourite moment in AEW and noted that there were plenty for him:

Plenty. I was fortunate enough to be put in situations that allowed for growth as an individual and more importantly, as a performer. All information, good bad or indifferent, that I can pass along to future generations.

Spears has had a handful of TV matches on NXT since his WWE return but is working live events for the brand. In addition, Spears is believed to have taken on a backstage role with the company.