The Reason WWE Officials Were Unhappy With The Rock After A 2017 Episode Of Raw

The Reason WWE Officials Were Unhappy With The Rock On Raw

The influence and charisma of the more well-known WWE Superstars often lead them to engage in actions that others might hesitate to attempt.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson exemplifies this, as he has been willing to participate in intense storylines, such as his feud with Cody Rhodes, and even communicate with a former colleague in front of a live audience. In a notable occurrence in 2017, immediately after a live Raw event at the renowned Staples Center in Los Angeles, Rock made a live phone call to CM Punk from the ring, assuring Punk that it was not a prank and encouraging the crowd to chant Punk’s name.

At the time, the relationship between Punk and the promotion was strained, with the company choosing not to acknowledge the former WWE Champion, whether on-air or off. As first reported by PWInsider.

“WWE officials weren’t happy and reportedly sent someone to ringside to ask The Rock to go in a different direction. At one point, a fan yelled that they would turn his mic off and The Rock said: “They better not turn off my mic.”

The incident occurred after the program had concluded, yet it reportedly sparked discontent among WWE staff at that time.

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