The Real Reason Behind Britt Baker’s AEW Absence Revealed

Britt Baker AEW

Britt Baker is back in AEW and now she has put all the speculation to bed as she explains the serious medical situation that caused her long absence.

At Forbidden Door in New York City, a huge show saw Mercedes Mone leave with two championships as she defeated Stephanie Vaquer to retain the TBS Title and win Vaquer’s NJPW STRONG Women’s Title.

After that victory, her celebrations were cut short by Dr. Britt Baker DMD who entered to a huge ovation as she stared down Mone before leaving.

Now on Dynamite Beach Break, Britt Baker returned to AEW’s flagship show for the first time in 10 months and revealed just how serious her medical issues were that kept her out of action. Baker confirmed she’d been suffering from herniated discs and a torn hip labrum but the issues ran deeper than that.

Britt Baker Suffered Serious Health Battle

Britt Baker explained that in November 2023 she realised something had gone very wrong when she suffered from nausea, blurry vision, and a numb right arm. After trying to open a bottle of water and being unable to Baker ended up spending a week in the hospital with a diagnosis of a TIA – transient ischemic attack – or a mini stroke with the entire right side of her body not working.

Britt Baker was eventually confronted by TBS Champion Mercedes Mone with Baker making clear that she was challenging Mone to a match for her title at All In. Mone was reluctant and noted there was a line of challengers ahead of Baker but it seems like that could be one of the major matches on the card when AEW returns to Wembley Stadium.