The Miz Wants Fans To Boo Him Even Louder

the miz balls are massive

The Miz isn’t satisfied with just being a heel.

The Miz has been in WWE for over fifteen years. In that time he has been both a heel and a face, but he has spent a lot more time as the former. He believes he excels much more at being obnoxious and despicable than as a hero seeking cheers.

At the same time, when one learns his real-life story, he comes across as rather sympathetic. He overcame major locker room bullying, married Maryse, started a family, and bought his dream home. By those metrics, he comes across more positively than he does negatively.

And yet, according to The Miz himself on TikTok, he would much rather be booed. But not the normal amount; Miz wants the fans to boo him vociferously.

“I live for the boos. I love it. Some people like to be booed or chanted ‘you suck,’ [but] I’m a button pusher. I’ve gotten it from my dad. I enjoy the booing, so if you’re going to boo me, boo louder. And if you start cheering me, I’m probably gonna turn it to make sure that you’re booing me because I just like it more.”

Miz explained that he got his ability to annoy people by emulating his father, who used to ask the same question in an irritating manner.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription