The Match That WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Steiner Knew Would Be Brutal

The Match That WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Steiner Knew Would Be Brutal

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner delved into the intense and hard-hitting encounter he had with fellow wrestling legend Goldberg during their time in WCW.

The match, which unfolded at WCW’s Fall Brawl in 2000, was characterised by Scott Steiner, in a recent interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, as a brutal no-disqualification showdown that demanded both competitors to “beat the sh*t out of each other.”

Steiner, known for his candidness, expressed admiration for athletes who transitioned from sports to professional wrestling. He specifically highlighted Goldberg’s college and professional sports background as a source of respect, acknowledging the unique challenges associated with obtaining a college scholarship. Steiner emphasised:

You know when most athletes that played in college and or play pro like Bill did, there’s a certain amount of respect that you have. If you think about it, it’s really hard to get a college scholarship. So there’s a certain amount of respect for guys that actually played sports, I would say more so than anybody else that gets into wrestling. So we had a certain amount of respect.

Reflecting on the physical toll of the memorable match, Steiner revealed that he had to wear a mask during the bout due to sustaining an injury in the lead-up. A stray punch by Goldberg resulted in Steiner suffering a broken orbital bone, an unfortunate incident attributed to timing. Despite the injury, Steiner showcased resilience and emerged victorious in the match after applying his finisher, the Steiner Recliner.

What Did Eric Bischoff Say About Scott Steiner And The NWO?

Eric Bischoff stated that if he were to redo the nWo with six people he would pick Scott Steiner along with others. Bischoff named Steiner, Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Syxx, Konnan, and himself as the spokesperson.

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