The Match Kurt Angle Believes Was A “Failure”

The Match Kurt Angle Believes Was A

Kurt Angle revealed his deep disappointment over a particular match he had with the late Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown in 2004, Angle expressed regret for failing his fellow wrestler on that occasion.

The match in question was a lumberjack match, and Kurt Angle, in a Facebook Q&A session, recalled that it took place on a night when Guerrero was not feeling well. As the match progressed, Angle noticed that it seemed to drag on longer than expected, and Guerrero repeatedly communicated to him that something was wrong. Guerrero even requested that Angle put him in a hold so he could gather himself mentally and physically.

For Angle, this was a moment of realisation that Guerrero was physically and emotionally exhausted that night. Angle admitted that it was a failure on his part because he pushed Guerrero to continue and go harder, instead of listening to his concerns. He deeply regretted not paying attention to Guerrero’s needs and wishes during the match.

The one that I remember was the lumberjack match with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie wasn’t feeling well that night. The match dragged on and on. Eddie kept telling me something was wrong. He kept telling me to put him in a hold so he could get his mind and body straight. It was not the Eddie that we all knew, “the greatest of all time”. He was physically and emotionally exhausted that night. It was a failure on my part because I kept pushing him to go harder, I should have listened to him.

To Angle, Eddie Guerrero was more than just a fellow wrestler, he stated that he was like a brother to him. Reflecting on that night, Angle believes that it was a bad night for both of them. He felt responsible for not recognising Guerrero’s condition.

Eddie was more to me than a fellow wrestler, he was my brother. It was a bad night for him. And a bad night for me.

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Kurt Angle admitted that he struggled with his retirement initially. Angle stated that he didn’t get to go out the way he wanted to and mentally struggled with that fact for about a year but he did eventually get through it and learned to accept his retirement.

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