The Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ted DiBiase Says He Never Had A Great Match With

The Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ted DiBiase Says He Never Had A Great Match With

Ted DiBiase opened up about his experiences working with the late Kerry Von Erich, shedding light on their professional relationship.

Ted DiBiase In an instalment of his podcast, Everybody’s Got A Pod, didn’t hold back when discussing working with the WWE Hall of Famer. During the podcast episode, DiBiase reminisced about the challenges of collaborating with Kerry, who held the prestigious title of Intercontinental Champion during his time with WWE. Despite acknowledging Kerry’s positive qualities as a person, DiBiase candidly admitted that working with him wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Kerry was a nice kid for sure. But he wasn’t real easy to work with,

However, DiBiase also took a moment to commend Kerry for his remarkable resilience following a life-altering motorcycle accident that resulted in the amputation of his foot. Reflecting on Kerry’s determination to continue competing at a high level despite this setback, DiBiase expressed genuine admiration for his former colleague.

He had an accident where he lost a foot, right? That was, to me, that was pretty good. The fact that he could do that? It was impressive for sure.

Tragically, Kerry Von Erich’s life came to a premature end when he took his own life in 1993, casting a shadow over the wrestling world. His struggles with substance abuse and the harsh realities of professional wrestling have since become prominent topics of discussion within the industry.

Why Did Ted DiBiase Decide To Retire From Wrestling Young?

Ted DiBiase said that he decided to retire young because he wanted to be in a better physical condition when he got older. DiBiase went on to say that now he is in his 70s he is glad he made the decision to retire early as there are numerous wrestlers his age who didn’t retire early and are in a much worse physical condition as a result.

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