The Former WWE Champion Who Said They Would “Choke Eric Bischoff Out”

The Former WWE Champion Who Said They Would

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs shared a shocking incident that occurred during his time with WCW.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Knobbs revealed a near physical altercation with WWE Hall of Famer, Eric Bischoff, stemming from a severe injury suffered by WWE agent Fit Finlay during a match. The incident unfolded when Knobbs had set up a plywood table the night before, intending to throw Finlay through it. Unfortunately, the following night, Finlay attempted to break the table, resulting in a deep cut down to the bone on his leg. The table’s mica face acted like a sharp blade, causing the gruesome injury.

So when I threw him this time, when he hit it looked like a bowling ball went through it, just a round hole. The table, the face of it was made from mica, so it cut him up like somebody took an axe right on his knee.

In the aftermath, Knobbs found himself in the emergency room with Finlay, who astonishingly refused pain medication despite the severity of his wound. Frustrated with the lack of safety measures provided by WCW, Knobbs expressed his concerns about the company’s failure to invest in better quality equipment, especially considering their substantial revenue. The breaking point came when Knobbs confronted Eric Bischoff the next day. He expressed his anger at WCW’s reluctance to spend a mere $100 on safer equipment. Knobbs emphasised the company’s annual revenue of 90 million dollars, highlighting the stark contrast between the lucrative business and the refusal to prioritise essential safety measures.

The next day I went face to face and Jimmy Hart saved me but I was gonna punch Eric [Bischoff] right in the face because they were making 90 million a year and they wouldn’t buy us $100 stuff from the Home Depot where we’re not going to hurt each other,

Jimmy Hart intervened just as the altercation between Knobbs and Bischoff was about to escalate. Hart pulled Knobbs away from the confrontation, preventing a physical altercation.

And Eric said ‘You can’t go blaming this on us.’ And right when I snatched him Jimmy Hart goes ‘Come on baby we gotta go do something down at the studio.’ And he grabbed me out of there because we did have to do some kind of filming down there but if not I was gonna choke Eric out I swear.

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