The Former WWE Champion That Nearly Became Ken Shamrock’s Sparring Partner In UFC

The Former WWE Champion That Nearly Became Ken Shamrock's Sparring Partner In UFC

Former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin recently shared a captivating story about his brief encounter with the world of MMA.

During a virtual signing event for K & S WrestleFest, Benjamin unveiled that the UFC had approached him to serve as the sparring partner for none other than fellow former WWE Superstar, Ken Shamrock, ahead of Shamrock’s UFC 5 bout against Royce Gracie.

As a Division I All-American amateur wrestler for the University of Minnesota, Benjamin’s wrestling prowess caught the attention of the UFC, who sought his assistance to enhance Shamrock’s wrestling skills for the high-profile match. Benjamin, recalling the experience, disclosed:

They wanted me to be his sparring partner, and I actually spoke with his wife on the phone. They wanted me to come down and train with him because he needed someone who knew wrestling, as he was preparing for a match with [Royce] Gracie.

Despite the enticing opportunity, Benjamin made the decision to decline, firmly standing by his commitment to a career in professional wrestling. He emphasised his preference for the world of pro wrestling over the potential pursuit of a path in the UFC. Benjamin candidly acknowledged the distinct mentality required for MMA, affirming that while he was confident in his abilities inside the wrestling ring, the prospect of entering the UFC arena did not align with his aspirations.

Which Wrestler Does Shelton Benjamin Want To Induct Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Shelton Benjamin stated that he wants Kurt Angle to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said the Angle paved the way for the likes of him, Brock Lesnar, and Chad Gable to make a name for themselves in the wrestling business and he would be honoured to be inducted by him.

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