The Fiend’s Entrance Music Further Fuels Bray Wyatt WWE Return Rumors

The Fiend Bray Wyatt makes his entrance in WWE 2019

Another hint that Bray Wyatt is set to return to WWE has come to light with The Fiend’s entrance music becoming available once again.

Over recent weeks there have been a number of ‘White Rabbit’ teasers on WWE programming, and speculation has become increasingly rife that these will culminate in the return to the company of Bray Wyatt after his release last year.

Having played a prominent role in WWE programming earlier in the year, many were surprised when Bray Wyatt was included in a raft of releases in July 2021. At that point, the entrance theme for The Fiend was removed from the organisation’s Spotify account.

However, it has now been discovered that the music is available once again on the service. Although it is not available to find through a manual search, it is now once again included as part of various playlists that it was included in before Wyatt’s release.

The latest tease of the return came on the 7th October 2022 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, where a QR code included on Triple H’s microphone led to a link which included The Fiend’s prominent “let me in” catchphrase.

The theme was originally written by Mark Crozer, and is a remake of Wyatt’s original Live In Fear music in the company. Crozer performed the theme live alongside his band, The Rels, during Wyatt’s entrance at WrestleMania 30.