The Bloodline Shatters On SmackDown

Roman Reigns WWE The Bloodline

Roman Reigns went into SmackDown in a celebratory mood as WWE marked him reaching 1,000 days as Universal Champion but the shadow of The Bloodline’s problems was about to overshadow everything.

On SmackDown, Triple H marked Reigns’ historic achievement by bestowing a brand new WWE Universal Title belt upon The Tribal Chief and as he pontificated to his captive audience, it wasn’t long before The Usos made their presence felt.

At Night of Champions, the tensions in The Bloodline erupted as Jimmy Uso floored Reigns with two super kicks as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens retained their WWE Tag Team Championship against Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

When The Usos got in the ring on SmackDown, Roman Reigns was not in a forgiving mood as he ordered Jey Uso to kick Jimmy in the face as retribution for what happened in Saudi Arabia. Jey Uso didn’t do that but he appeared nervous while Jimmy Uso stood up defiantly to Reigns.

As Reigns grew more angered by what was going on he thrust a microphone to Solo Sikoa and told him to finally speak for himself. Sikoa acknowledged his Tribal Chief but said Jimmy was his brother as he moved to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with The Usos.

Roman Reigns began to shout at Jimmy but Jimmy shoved him in the face just as the WWE Universal Champion has done to him and others countless times. Jey Uso attempted to calm things down and talked Jimmy around to making peace as he urged Roman Reigns to do likewise.

Reigns appeared to relent and embraced Jimmy in a hug before saying no and leaving Solo Sikoa to viciously spike his brother, showing where his true allegiance lies – and perhaps delivering another clue as to who the man to finally defeat Roman Reigns actually is.